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September 03, 2008


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Mr. Perelman--

I also read the LA Times' account. I'm a little surprised no restaurant owners showed up. Was it well-known that it was on the agenda? But I think this bodes well for killing the everywhere ban proposed by Parks.

If a more limited proposal has opposition, the full one should have plenty against it.

San Francisco proposed something similar to Parks' ordinance last summer and it died in committee.

Have you talked to restaurant/bar or tobacco shop owners?

Smoking Lobby

Good for you! We need more citizen smokers willing to stand up and fight!

Kevin Mulvina

When I say Public health is a cult and that Tobacco Control is an act of conspired bigotry, I say it with the confidence of every legal description found in international law.

Public Health under the eyes of the law, and the Tobacco Control movement in particular are willfully committing criminal acts of human rights abuse, Coercion, Bigotry and a list of hate crimes, which degrade privacy, dignity and security of the person.

All participating members or "stakeholders" as they refer to themselves, should be prosecuted for those acts, and seen in society for the hatred they inspire, against otherwise innocent individuals.


Any person who takes the time to compile the publicly accessible evidence, of planned and coordinated connivance to degrade and humiliate others as a form of torture, in a format compliant with court evidence documents, can take that complaint to any prosecutor in any signatory country to the laws of human rights.

That prosecutor by law is obligated to arrest and prosecute perpetrators to the full extent of the law.

From the 1945 UNESCO definition of prejudices, a definition which can not be separated from the ongoing acts of Public Health committed against the named targets of their bigoted and hateful inquisitions so named as "disease management" and "Tobacco Control".

Although explained as Racism the fundamental wrongs against any identifiable group by any other group in society carry with the act, an identical indictment. The re framing of the target group does not validate the act which remains equally repugnant.

http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images...82/ 128291eo.pdf

“A particularly vicious and mean expression of the caste spirit. It involves belief in the innate and absolute superiority of an arbitrary defined human group over other equally arbitrarily defined groups. Instead of being based on the scientific facts, it is generally maintained in defiance of the scientific method. As an ideology and feeling racism is by its nature aggressive. It threatens the essential moral values by satisfying the taste for domination and by exalting the contempt for man. Concern for human dignity demands that all citizens be equal before the law, and they share equally in the advantages assured them by law, no matter what their physical of intellectual differences may be. The law sees in each person only a human being who has the right to the same consideration and to equal respect. The conscience of all mankind demands that this be true for all the peoples of the earth. It matters little, therefore, whether the diversity of men’s gifts be the result the result of biological or cultural factors.”
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------
Further in defining groups separated by race or culture the document explains the fallacy in scientific terms of grouping humans by either designation. Agreeing instead to adapt a more general description;
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------
“The scientific investigations of recent years fully support the dictim of Confucius [551-478 B.C.] “ Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that carry them far apart””


I'm not getting the feeling that restaurant/bar/club owners know about this. How is there supposed to be an opposition if no one knows about the measure(s) in the 1st place? We should let them know....if it's in our capability to do so.

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