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August 12, 2008


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Mr. Perelman is correct. I imagine that the laws would also apply to visitors to Los Angeles. If that is the case, I see a very nice reduction in tourism in the area. I know that I have already scratched L.A. off of our vacation list. Two weeks without a cigar? No way, Mr. Parks. If I am going to drop some coin on an expensive meal, you can bet that I will want a really good cigar and a good cognac to close it out. So, put some numbers together and figure out how much money you just cost your constituents just for one married couple to bypass your fine city. How much will the local businesses (hotel, car rental company, restaurants, attractions, cigar shops, malls, etc.) lose? Now multiply that several times and see what you come up with. Those local businesses and your constituents can thank you for those losses. Good luck, sir. You are truly going to need it.

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